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Hello, My name is Karen.

Welcome to This site is dedicated to my beloved Scotties, my love of photography, pebble art and creating a hygge home and life. 

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Look Through and Purchase Pebble Artwork.

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View my recent photographic work and learn about photography.

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Learn how to live a happy, comfortable lifestuyle.

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"Karen is amazing! When looking at getting a Scottish Terrier, I was awed by how adorable her Scotties are and how knowledgeable she is."

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Learn about homemade dog food, grooming, pet maintenance, and more.

Discover how to take better photographs (or have them taken) through tips and tricks. Plus, see photo session teasers.

Learn about my art and how you can create your own art.

Learn what it means to live a happy, comfortable lifestyle.

Laurel wreathe Scottish Terrier, 2 years old, in park

How to Groom Your Scottish Terrier

The grooming of Scottish Terriers is a demanding task but you need to do it on regular basis due to the type of coat it has. The iconic appearance with a shaggy furnishing of beard, eyebrows, legs, and lower body requires professional grooming at least thrice a year if you want to keep your Scottish Terrier beautiful and attractive.

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What is Hygge?

At some point in our lives, we all seek comfort, peace, and a world free of stress and anxiety. t is believed that “Hygge” (pronounced hue-guh or HOO-GA) originated in old Norwegian, meaning “well-being”. It is recorded that the Danish embraced it in the 18th century through practices and writings to ease stress from the wintery weather and boredom.

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