A Treasury of Scottie Dog Collectibles

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As a Scottie lover, owner and breeder my fascination with Scottie collectibles has become an obsession. I discovered these excellent collectibles books published 1998, 2000 and 2001 respectfully. These three volumes feature hundreds of Scottie collectibles ranging from textiles, toys, paper, kitchen and so much more. I had no idea there are so many Scottie collectibles nor the enormous variety.

Scottie Dog Collectible Magazines Volumes I, II, and III | Laurel Wreathe | Scotties Terrier Blog

Each volume contains unique items, identification and values. A BIG thank you to Candance Sten Davis and Patricia J. Baugh authors of these invaluable books. The time and dedication is to be applauded.  I know because I too authored a collectibles book, The Musical Collectibles of Raggedy Ann and Andy. I know from personal experience how challenging and rewarding writing a book of this type can be.

If you don’t already own these books, I highly encourage checking them out on Amazon.

And if you love Raggedys, check out The Musical Collectibles of Raggedy Ann and Andy.

Cover Image of The Musical Collectibles of Raggedy Ann and Andy | Laurel Wreathe | Art and Collectibles Resources