Welcome to The Laurel Wreathe Scottish Terrier Family!!

At Laurel Wreathe Scottish Terrier Kennel, we breed with the love of the Scottie, their history, character and personality. Scotties are an independent, dignified breed and steadfastly loyal to his/her owner. As a puppy they are playful, friendly and love to chew! As they mature training can be a challenge due to their high self-esteem and strong will. Firm, consistent leadership is a must. Obedience training should consist of praise and food because a Scottie can be sensitive and easily insulted!

The Scottish Terrier breed are typically territorial and intelligent. They love long walks, sniffing every blade of grass and barking at anything that moves! Notorious for being an intimidating watchdog it’s important to socialize at a very early age.

I strongly encourage researching the breed’s characteristics, grooming needs and training challenges before making a decision to own.

If a Scottish Terrier is right for you, congratulations and welcome to the Laurel Wreathe Scottish Terrier Family!

If for any reason you cannot care for your Scottie, please reach out to me for accommodations.


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Mission Statement

As a Scottish Terrier Breeder, it is my commitment to breed in a safe, healthy and loving environment.  For wisdom I seek the expert advice from the American Kennel Club and The Scottish Terrier Club of America. To share our passion and love of the breed we actively engage in multiple media sites such as Pinterest and Facebook. Laurelwreathe.com is dedicated to preserving and maintaining a strong healthy Scottish Terrier breed for future generations to love!

About Me

Karen | Owner of Laurel Wreathe | Scottie Market and Pet Photography

Hello, friends. It’s me, Karen.

I’m the lass behind laurelwreathe.com. I fell in love with genealogy when I discovered my ancestry DNA is 100% English, Scottish and Irish. So naturally Scottish Terriers are a very special breed to me. In addition to researching my ancestry and breeding Scotties I have a passion for photography, creating a Hygge life /home and unique pebble art. I invite you to join the Laurel Wreathe  family. Together we can share our passions for Scotties and enthusiasm for a Hygge life!

My love of Scottish Terriers lead me to breeding as a business. You are welcome to join us on the adventures of Dougal and Gellis. And while here enjoy viewing my many other passions of photography (earth, pets and humans!), relaxing in a hygge home, and a market source for unique pebble art.