Are you considering acquiring a four-legged pet?

Scottie Dog Cartoon | Laurel Wreathe | Tips on Scottish Terriers

Whether it is a Scottish Terrier or another breed, there are important considerations. Adding a pet to your family is a huge commitment of time and resources. Consider the following:

  • Why are you looking for a puppy?                
  • Why do you like a particular breed?
  • How often is a family member home?
  • Who will be responsible for the day-to-day care and feeding?
  • Do you and your family have the time to train, exercise, and groom?
  • Do you have children? What are their ages?
  • Does anyone in your family have allergies?
  • What is your view on obedience training?
  • Having a pet can be a full-time responsibility.
  • Ensure you have the resources and commitment.

Consider adoption first. Shelters are overflowing with fur friends seeking forever homes.