Great Resource on
Scottish Terriers

Are you seeking a reliable source of information on Scottish Terriers? There are so much resource information on the internet that it can be overwhelming. In my journey to learn as much as I could to understand and grow my admiration of the breed, I obtained “The Official Book of The Scottish Terrier” by Muriel P. Lee. Most importantly the book is approved by The Scottish Terrier Club of America established in 1900 which is one of my go to resource. The book covers early development of the breed, early beginnings in America (1890-1940), characteristics, breeding and many more for all things Scottie.

The Official Book of Scottish Terriers | Laurel Wreathe | Scottish Terrier Resources

Did you know that the Scottie was bred specifically to drive out vermin and rodents of all sizes? This explains the long snoot, the thick coat, short legs and constant desire to sniff every blade of grass!

The chapter on “Buying Your Scottish Terrier” was quite enlightening and offers great advice to potential Scottie owners. The advice also extends to the breeder’s proper homing of litters. The chapter on characteristics opened my eyes to the complex personalities of Scotties. They are unlike any other breed. Often referred to as the “Diehard”, Scotties are very dignified, intelligent but can be a little sensitive.

My Dougal is a little man in a fur coast. He watches my every move, follows me everywhere, is always waiting at the door for my return and will jump in my lap at the end of each for his back scratch! What characteristics have you identified in your Scottie? Share with us your Scottie journey and best memories!

-Love & hygge, Karen