Breeder Tip: Transitioning your puppies from breast to bowl!

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My Dam, Gellis is the best mom ever! She rarely left the puppies for the first 3 weeks feeding them every 1-3 hours. At 3-4 weeks she began to leave puppy crate more often and was hesitant to return without urging. Sharp little teeth ad claws would make me run the other way too! It was time to substitute puppy formula mix for Mom’s milk. Now at 5 weeks old they are pros to drinking from a bowl.  

Now it is time to transition to puppy food. I have always wanted to try a food processor, so this was an excellent excuse to buy one!  With the help of my Hamilton Beach, I make “Scottie Mush” and feed them four times a day. 

“Scottie Mush” Recipe

12 ounces of puppy milk formula

2 cups of dry puppy food (I use TLC for pups and parents)

Add warm water and process until thick liquid.

I prefer processing the mixture rather than letting it all sit in a bowl until soft. 

-With Love & Hygge, Karen