How to groom your Scottish Terrier

Laurel wreathe Scottish Terrier, 2 years old, in park
The Scottish Terriers, also known as Scotties, are a unique breed popular for distinctive demeanor with weather-resistant, wiry, and hard outer coat. This remarkably beautiful creature with shaggy furnishing of beard, eyebrows, legs, and lower body is small but very powerful. It is fast, it is alert, and it is also a very playful dog. Although Scottish Terriers are very selective about making friends, once they make friends, they are extremely loving, gentle, and loyal members of your family.

Take care of Scottish Terriers is extremely difficult and sometimes overwhelming. Let’s take only grooming. The grooming of Scottish Terriers is a demanding task but you need to do it on regular basis due to the type of coat it has. Scottish Terriers have a double coat consisting of an outer layer containing hair and an undercoat. The outer coat is wiry and hard and usually comes in three captivating colors, black, wheaten, and brindle. The undercoat, on the other hand, is dense but soft.

How to groom your Scottish Terrier with perfection?

The iconic appearance with a shaggy furnishing of beard, eyebrows, legs, and lower body requires professional grooming at least thrice a year if you want to keep your Scottish Terrier beautiful and attractive. However, you need to keep in mind that grooming of this particular breed is difficult and time-consuming than the other breeds. If you want to adopt a Scottie for yourself then learn beforehand how to groom a Scottish Terrier. 

Types of grooming
There are two types of grooming, hand stripping, and clipping.
1. Hand stripping Hand stripping of your Scottish Terrier is a grooming type where old hair on the outer coat is stripped or plucked by hand or using a stripping tool. It will help you maintain the color and texture of the outer coat.
2. Clipping Clipping is another type of grooming where Scottie’s coat is clipped on regular basis such as after every two months or so. It will help you maintain outer coat hair and prevent them from being matted.

Some useful tips for how to groom your Scottish Terrier?
We have a few practical tips that will help you groom your companion with ease and perfection.

1. If you want to hand strip your Scottie, do it before bathing and conditioning its furnishings.
2. Hand strip the outer coat whereas systematically card the undercoat to achieve the ultimate grooming results.
3. If you want to clip, then try to remove the dead coat and gently stimulate the body. It will encourage and facilitate the easy and fresh growth of a new coat.
4. You should bath and condition furnishings at regular intervals but avoid frequently bathing jackets.
5. In order to bath a jacket, be gentle with your movements. Bathe and rinse your Scottie’s coat in the direction of its growth.
6. Always use a soft bristle brush whenever you have to brush the jacket as a soft brush will never damage the undercoat and only pulls out the dead coat.
7. Choose a heat dryer for Scottish Terrier rather than using other dryers that use force.

The wrap-up

Scottish Terriers is one of the most beautiful dog breeds in the world. It is a very sensitive breed that takes time to be your companion. But once Scotties becomes friends, they are the most loyal and trustworthy pets. However, taking care of a Scottish Terrier is a difficult task. Its grooming only takes a lot of attention and needs you to be as gentle as possible. But, everything is possible especially when you are in love with this beautiful gift of nature.