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Is hygge the secret to a happy life?

At some point in our lives, we all seek comfort, peace, and a world free of stress and anxiety. Unfortunately, the world we live in today brings daily challenges, unexpected happenings and at times seems totally out of our control. We can never achieve total solace, but we can consciously seek ways that give us calm, comfort and soothing surroundings and experiences.

It is believed that “Hygge” (pronounced hue-guh or HOO-GA) originated in old Norwegian, meaning “well-being”. It is recorded that the Danish embraced it in the 18th century through practices and writings to ease stress from the wintery weather and boredom.  

Hygge Habits Book | Laurel Wreathe | Learn how to implement Hygge into your life

Hygge Habits

I recently purchased Helen Olsen’s latest book “Hygge Habits, 42 Habits of a Happy Life Through Danish Hygge That Take Five Minutes or Less.” In addition to ideas for creating the perfect hygge environment, the author provides ways to add hygge habits to your daily routine to minimize stress.

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Practicing Mindfulness Book | Laurel Wreathe | Hygee and Practicing Mindfulness

Practicing Mindfullness

Matthew Sockolov’s book “Practicing Mindfulness” 75 Essential Meditations, has become an essential tool in my Hygge toolbox. Through his readings, I realized that one of my personality characteristics kept me in a constant state of disconnect and anxiety.

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