Practicing Mindfulness

As I began my Hygge journey a few years ago, I would often see a reference to mindfulness in the literature. Matthew Sockolov’s book “Practicing Mindfulness: 75 Essential Meditations,” has become an essential tool in my Hygge toolbox.

Practicing Mindfulness Book | Laurel Wreathe | Hygee and Practicing Mindfulness

The book was inspired by his own practice and the many people who supported him through the years. This touched my heart.

Through his readings, I realized that one of my personality characteristics kept me in a constant state of disconnect and anxiety. When family/ friends had a problem or challenge I would immediately go into the “fix it” mode! “Letting Go of Fixing” #75 opened my eyes and provided a 10 minute exercise which has allowed me to redirect my thoughts when I find myself stuck on someone else’s problem.

If you practice “Mindfullness,” I’d love to hear from you. How has it benefited your daily life? Is there a particular exercise that you practice to release stress and anxiety?

– Love & Hygge, Karen