Preparing for your Scottie's Arrival

Silhoutte of Scottie | Laurel Wreathe | Scottish Terriers for Sales

Puppies are like bringing a newborn home, a bunch of gear is necessary to provide a warm, safe, comforting home.


  1. Crate – Ensure size is larger than expected growth size of puppy. Pad it, add toys, blanket etc. This creates a safe environment for the puppy to sleep, nap, play without worries of “What is he/she getting into?”
  2. Gates – or specified area to play inside and out. This provides freedom to play without leash in a safe environment. For example to you want to confine the puppy to a certain area of your home. 
  3. Collar/Harness/Leash – I personally prefer the harness for puppies. As they get older you can switch to a collar. The traditional tartan colors look great on Scotties! 
  4. Rain/Cold Weather Clothing – A sweater in the winter keeps them warm when outside. 
  5. Poop Bags – These are very convenient for discarding the unwanted! Be sure to also have paper towels and a cleaning solution. Accidents happen. Some pet owners prefer to use a pooper scooper. 
  6. Puppy Pads – I train for both scenarios, inside and outside potty training. You never know when your confined indoors due to bad weather.
  7. Food – Start with puppy formula food. Then transition to adult food at 12 months. The brand is up to you, I prefer TLC.
  8. Water – Fresh, clean, and plentiful water is a must. In hot environments dehydration can occur quickly.
  9. Yummy Snacks – Again, your choice store bought or homemade. These can also be used for positive obedience and potty-training rewards. 
  10. Play Toys – Keeps your pet engaged in chewing and interactive play. The squeaky ones capture their attention when teaching to play.  Make sure you have toys specifically for chewing. Rather than the chair legs! Pull toys make for fun games. Stuffed animals can used but be sure the insides are not small little balls that can be swallowed when torn open. Dogs love to chase balls! 
  11. Grooming – Shampoo, hairbrush, toothbrush, nail clippers if you dare! I take my adult pair to the professional groomer once a month, then bathe as often as needed. Introduce the brushing early in their development. Use your fingers to rub and massage the back tummy then gradually introduce the  brush. Find their tickle spot. Before you know it, it has become a nightly routine to bond. At least weekly teeth brushing is important. There are also chews specific for cleaning teeth. 
  12. Safety Gear – Do you plan to take your pet boating- a life jacket is needed. Scotties do not swim well with their short little legs. Or a carry pack for hiking? Scotties love adventures. 
  13. Identification – Personal ID can be added to harness/collar. Ebay/Amazon have many shapes and sizes to choose from. I put pet name, my last name, address and phone number on Dougal and Gellis tags. I also have them microchipped just in case!