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Welcome Letter

At Laurel Wreathe Scottish Terrier Kennel, we breed with the love of the Scottie, their history, character and personality. Scotties are an independent, dignified breed and steadfastly loyal to his/her owner. As a puppy they are playful, friendly and love to chew! As they mature training can be a challenge due to their high self-esteem and strong will. Firm, consistent leadership is a must. Obedience training should consist of praise and food because a Scottie can be sensitive and easily insulted!

The Scottish Terrier breed are typically territorial and intelligent. They love long walks, sniffing every blade of grass and barking at anything that moves! Notorious for being an intimidating watchdog it’s important to socialize at a very early age.

I strongly encourage researching the breed’s characteristics, grooming needs and training challenges before making a decision to own.

If a Scottish Terrier is right for you, congratulations and welcome to the Laurel Wreathe Scottish Terrier Family!

Below you will find photographs of the current litter of Scotties. If you are interested in purchasing a Scottie pup, please fill out the contact form below. You will also find helpful articles about caring for your forever Scottie.

Current Scotties for Sale

Laurel Wreathe is excited to announce that all of our June 2022 Scottish Terriers have sold!

On June 22nd, Gellis Duncan bore 8 adorable Scottish puppies.

We will be bringing on an additional dam and hope to have another litter in the near future. If you’d like to be put on the wait list or (at least) be notified when new puppies are available, submit your information in the form below.

When you purchase a Scottie from Laurel Wreathe, all puppies will be AKC eligible, de-wormed, vaccinated, and vet checked.

Our Scottish Terrier puppies are $1800 and require a non-refundable $500 deposit.

Meet the Parents

If you’re interested in purchasing a Scottish Terrier from Laurel Wreathe, you’re probably curious about the mother and father of our little Scottie pups.

The Sire - Dougal McKenzie

Dougal McKenzie is the sire of our puppies. He is of the McWilliams Scotties, Birmingham, AL. Born  January 8th, 2020.

Dougal’s sire is Sir Thomas Sean Connery of Edinburgh and his
Dam is Ethel Mae Mertz of Birmingham.

Dougal was my first Scottie, he stole my heart and is a beloved member of our family. 

The Dam - Gellis Duncan

Gellis Duncan is the mother of our Scotties. She was born February 13, 2020 to the Lorry Fry Scotties of Beaumont, TX.

Her sire was Sir Harry Barry McHarry and her dam was Gilly Gilmore of House Fry.

We love having Gellis as part of our family, she rules our house!

Puppies that have found their forever home

Our 2022 Scotties Terriers Who Have Found Their Forever Homes

The White, Blue, Orange and a second female have found their forever homes. Using Zoom, A family in Kentucky chose the White male and have named him Montgomery ”Monty”. Via Zoom, sweet Blue was drawn to a family in Alabama, his name is “Angus”. The smallest of the litter, sweet baby Orange female has been named “ Piper” and will living happily ever after with her new family in Pensacola. 

Our May 2021 litter brought us 6 puppies although we could only see 5 in the xray! 3 males and 3 females make for a perfect bundle of joy!  At birth, they weighed 0.8 oz and were 5-6″  long. I weighed them every couple days for the first 3 weeks and now weekly. They sure have grown and each showing their sweet lovable personalities. Although Dougal was interested in the pups, Gellis made him keep his distance. We are working on that! 

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My Guarantee to you as a Breeder:

Laurel Wreathe Scottish Terriers (LWST) will take pride in producing healthy dogs with wonderful temperaments for loving homes. LWST guarantees the dog’s health for 3 business days after release to buyer. We further guarantee f0r a period of one year this Scottie to be free from any inherited disease which impairs life, good health, and full function as a pet.  If such an inherited disease should occur and be diagnosed in writing by a qualified veterinarian, the Breeder will replace Scottie dog with a puppy of similar quality (if available) upon return of the Scottie. Or provide a 50% refund of purchase price upon return of Scottie. The Breeder is not responsible for any veterinarian bills incurred by the Buyer.